Sunday, June 13, 2010

OET Study Version

The Study Version (OET-SV) is the third version of the Open English Translation of the Bible (OET). Again, the text is quite different from the previously announced two versions, and the main distinctives are:
  • It's aimed at preachers / students who want to study the text carefully in English
  • It will attempt to give a readable English text with normal contemporary English punctuation
  • Additions to the text which are necessary to translate the meaning will be marked
  • The divine name (tetragrammaton) will be rendered as Yahweh
  • People and place names will be transliterated more accurately, e.g., Yonah instead of Jonah, Yesous instead of Jesus, but the traditional spelling will be added in parenthesis where the name is first used in any book
  • The word God will be capitalised where appropriate, but other references, e.g., the father, the son, will not be capitalised
  • Paragraph breaks and section headings will be added to the text, along with indentations for poetry and quotations and a method of explicitly marking Hebrew parallelism
  • Modern measurements will be used in the text but the original measurements will also be noted
  • There will extensive cross-referencing and footnotes, including notes on the more important variants in the ancient manuscripts
  • It is hoped that the web-based publication will also provide live links to the OET-LV.
This is intended to be a version that you would be confident to preach or teach from and to recommend to your Bible students. Again, the final (more detailed) specifications and a small sample text should eventually be available here.

Ok, now, surely there can't be (m)any more OET versions? The next blog will tell...

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