Thursday, June 3, 2010

More on chapters and verses

Last week when I started writing about my design of the Open English Translation (OET), I alluded to the fact that chapter and verse numbers would be downplayed in all OET versions.

I planned to write more about this later in the month (and still hope to), but today I came across another blog with a similar theme here. So again, it's encouraging to see that some others are seeing some of the same drawbacks to making this reference system so prominent in our Bibles. (Of course, there are many positive features also.)

So just another quick prelude to my forthcoming writeup: The OET will include book, chapter and verse references so that it can be used by traditional software and webware and people looking for specific passages, but the printed or displayed versions will go to a lot of effort to downplay all those distracting numbers.

By the way, the same goes for section headings, but more on that another time...

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