Monday, June 14, 2010

OET Extended Version

Ok, this is definitely the last one!!! It comes out of my desire to help provide freely available resources for those wanting to create free Bible translations for their language or area.

The Open English Translation of the Bible (OET) Extended Version (OET-EV), closely follows the text of the Study Version, so this one is really a derived version, not a totally separate text. However it makes a number of changes (mostly additions):
  • The divine name (tetragrammaton) will be rendered as YHWH (since the Extended Version is intended for technical people)
  • There will extensive notes on variants in the original manuscripts (similar to the Literal Version)
  • There will be extra grammatical notes, including the explicit marking of singular/dual/plural and other grammatical features brought through from the original languages
  • Ambiguities in interpreting the original texts will be highlighted and multiple renderings offered
  • Extra exegetical and translation notes will be added
So you can see that the text of the Study Version becomes augmented with a lot of extra information for translators and serious students. The final detailed specifications and a small sample text should eventually be available here.

So that finishes up the round-up of OET versions: the Literal Version, the Readers' Version, the Study Version and this, the Extended Version. They are intentionally designed to be used in parallel in order to give the interested student a broader perspective of the intricacies of God's written word.

Now, we just have to get recruiting some help to get the website going, and then we'll be working on recruiting translation teams.


  1. hi, i would be interested to know about updates on this laudable effort

    last update was 8-July-2014, do you need help in any way? i was especially interested in the Extended Version..

    what happened?

  2. It's still on my ToDo list -- probably as a retirement project. Would be great if I could also recruit some other retired Bible translators.