Thursday, May 6, 2010

The M108 project

Ryan Cartwright, a web developer / IT consultant in the UK, writes in his Crimperman blog about a new project, tentatively called m108 (from Matthew 10:8 " received freely, so freely give."). He's started a discussion about how to best encourage Christians to make music, video, art, literature, etc. freely available on the Internet.

So far he seems to have attracted about just a few people who've expressed some interest in his ideas. Obviously, you need to have a much higher profile way of making your ideas and site known in order to attract sufficient interest to really get the ball rolling. It seems you need a critical mass of several hundreds of people to even get started; several thousands to make even a small ripple in the pond. But maybe one high-profile artist getting involved could have a greater effect than even tens of thousands of unknown individuals???

That's why I've dreamed a lot (esp. last year) about starting a high-profile lobbying organisation called or something similar, to seek sponsorship in order to personally contact or even visit high profile Christian artists and ministries in order to encourage them to make more of their output available freely to the church world wide (esp. the rapidly growing church in developing countries). But alas, too many things to do, and only one lifetime to do it in...

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